Store your goods directly in our Chinese Warehouse

Store your goods directly in our Chinese Warehouse

As an agent in the import process from China, we, from Trendystock have a storage facility with area of 2,500m2, located in town of Yiwu, as well as several additional storage premises, intended for consolidated shipment processing. All goods, included in consolidated shipment, which are sent to Bulgaria, initially are delivered to our storage facility in Yiwu or in Guangzhou for inspection of quality. After the successful completion of the inspection and the acceptance of the goods, they are prepared to be sent to the closest port as consolidated shipment (in cases, when the volume is not sufficient to fill a container, the shipment is consolidated with goods of other our customers) or in a full container..

Our storage facilities in town of Yiwu and town of Guangzhou has 24/7 video surveillance, loading ramp, fork-lift truck and 24/7 physical security. The storage facility is managed by the storage manager and costs and loading and unloading operations are entrusted to several other employees.

No matter of the volume and weight of your goods, we will provide for its secure storage during it entire stay.

As an addition to a storage service in China, we also have a storage facility in town of Plovdiv, where we can temporary store your goods until you need them and you want to use them.  

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