Quality inspection upon receipt of your goods in our Chinese warehouse

Quality inspection upon receipt of your goods in our Chinese warehouse

The quality inspection of your products is one of the most important elements in the import process from China. No matter if you import customers goods, raw materials, large cargo or anything else, each experience importer from China would check his goods, before they are shipped to their destination. We have own storage facility in town of Yiwu, where most of the goods of our customers are delivered to. When we receive your shipment, it will be opened and inspected for potential flaws or inconsistencies of the product or its packaging. 

Why is it important for all goods to be inspected before they are exported and send to the relevant country of destination?

Very frequently, the manufacturers make mistake in the things they should prepare and ship. Such mistakes can involve discrepancy  in colors, size and material in comparison to the specification as well as may other things. If a given good is transported before being checked, than both the agent and the customer face the risk these discrepancies to be established after the arrival and import of the goods. In such case, the replacement of non-compliant articles will become very long and expensive process and no matter that the producer is the default party, the customer will bear all the expenses because the Chinese factories and suppliers rarely take financial liability for their errors (of course, there are exceptions, when, for example, the customer is big and important for the supplier). 

In specific cases, when the volume of the goods is large, like, for example the import of machinery or heavy equipment from China, or when the quantity of the goods is large and it is not feasible the shipment to be made to our storage premises for inspection, the goods must be inspected for quality defects at the factory or storage facility of the specific manufacturer (in same case, inspection is required even during the production process, in order to ensure the quality control over the final product).

The performance of the quality inspection of your goods on site is performed in order to save costs for domestic transport to our storage facility, which, in case of large volumes, would be relatively expensive. In such cases, we will dispatch one of our employees who is going to check your goods before their loading in a container and shipment from China to the country of destination. 

Some of the parameters that we check during our quality inspection of your goods include: color, size, quantity, quality, functionality, material composition, spare parts, product’s packaging, quality of cardboard boxes and many other. 

If you have goods, which should be imported from China and you would like the goods to be inspected and transported to your storage facility, contact us and we will discuss how we can be of service in the best way possible.

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