Patenting and trademark registration

Patenting and trademark registration

The patenting of a specific type of technology, design or functionality is required for any company focusing in R&D or which develops its own production line and brand. No matter if you are natural person or legal entity, if you believe that you have a unique idea or already prepared development, which has the potential for growth, we will help you patent it in China in order to protect it against copies or usage by third parties and competitors.

The trade mark registration in China is also a good option of companies who have already developed their successful brand and would like to enter the Chinese market by securing their services and products against copies and counterfeiting.

In such a way, you are going to protect your name and image without giving an option for their misuse.

If you need assistance in the patenting process in Chine, we, from agency Trendystock will support and help you in all steps in the way for registration of your brand and products.

Patenting in China is very common action because in such a way the domestic and foreign companies protect their products or goods from low-quality copying and violation of intellectual property rights. We from Trendystock will assist you and provide with 100% protection about anything related to your Chinese patent or trade mark and their registration.

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