Transportation of Chinese goods by sea freight consolidation - sea cargo

Transportation of Chinese goods by sea freight consolidation - sea cargo

Sea consolidated shipment from China is one of the most common logistics solutions because it is appropriate for most small businesses. In most cases, this option is utilized by customers, the goods of whom are not in sufficient amount for an full container load. In such cases, we consolidate the Chinese goods of several customers in order to achieve optimization, both of the freightage and of the rest of the costs for domestic transport and customs fee, payable at export.

The time, required for a consolidated shipment to reach your port (after its customs clearance in China and loading of the container on the ship) is approx 30-45 calendar days, but in most cases the exact timing is determined mostly of the container line used, where and on how many locations a stock reloading is taking place. The consolidated shipment, organized by Trendystock, arrive directly to a port in of your choice, after that the goods are loaded to a truck and forwarded to the specified town, village or area of your choice.

Agency Trendystock is a leader in consolidating goods from China!

When you want goods and cargo to be transported by water, we will provide you with complete service, starting with the purchase of your product and inspection of its quality and finishing with its consolidation with goods of other customers and its forwarding to destination, specified by you. If the volume of your shipment is not sufficient to fill a Full container - FCL , then the consolidation of your goods in China is the best option for you.

The consolidated shipments from China or the so called LCL shipment is a service, requested by many of our customers. We consolidate small shipments of individual customers in order to avoid waiting for collection of sufficient goods, required to fill a full container. 

Agency Trendystock offers you affordable and fast deliveries from China. Put your trust in us and become part of our large community of satisfied customers!

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