Import of Chinese goods by Sea freight with a full container

Import of Chinese goods by Sea freight with a full container

The sea freight from China is the most commonly used logistics method due to its low costs and high volume, which is of utmost significance for most of the importers of Chinese goods. The most economically feasible solution, when we speak about freightage is the use of a full container load. Almost all containers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and etc. enter through a variety of different ports, depending on the costumer's storage and location.

The containers from China are divided in standard sizes such as 20ft and 40ft ,40HQ and 45HQ (HQ = High Cube - higher than the standard container) . When large cargo shipments and goods are transported by sea, such as for example machinery or other large equipment, the width or height of which cannot get into a standard size container, it is required to use partially or completely open containers (open top). In the carriage of foods, beverages, medicines and some other types of products, which require the maintenance of pre-set temperature during the entire transportation period, a refrigerated container are used. The last two types of containers are significantly more expensive in comparison to the standard options.

The time, required for a container, shipped from China to reach any other port (after the departure of the container line from the port of origin) is generally about 30-45 calendar days, but the exact transit time is determined mostly of the container line used, where and on how many locations it is necessary to conduct a stock reloading, weather conditions and etc. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances can delay the container lines and as a result, cause a delay in the delivery of your goods.

How to order a full container from China?

To order a full container with Chinese goods, you have to contact us. We will assist you with purchasing of your goods and their delivery to our warehouse, quality insection as well as finding and organizing the optimal logistic solution to a destination, specified by you. 

We, from Agency Trendystock could offer you a sea transportation from China in full containers at best prices:

- We will order and inspect your goods

- We will prepare all documents, required for its export and import in the destination country

- We will organize the loading of your goods in full container

- We will organize the sea freight and the domestic local delivery to a destination, specified by you

Transport from China in full container by sea is the best option for small and large companies, that import their goods directly from China.

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