Railway transport of consolidated shipment

Railway transport of consolidated shipment

The consolidated shipment of goods from China is an option, which saves time in the transportation of Chinese goods to Europe. Most of the containers, transported by train to Europe are 40ft or the so called “large containers”. Such a container is not possible to be filled by a small companies, who does not have sufficient goods for it..

We offer to our customers consolidated shipments by rail from China, where, in most cases, the shipment arrives in a specified European county, and they are re-loaded on trucks and are delivered to Bulgaria. The time, required for your shipment to reach Bulgaria is approximately 20-25 days.

The transport of goods by train from China is fast, ecological and feasible alternative to marine and air transport. 

If you wish to import goods from China, but the budget or size of your business does not allow you to fill in a complete container, we, from Trendystock will help you to consolidate your shipment with shipments of other customers and it will be sent to a country, specified by you, with a railway cargo.

For more information about wholesale import and consolidated shipment of goods from China to Bulgaria or other countries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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