Railway transport of a full container

Railway transport of a full container

In the last 1-2 years, after the initiation of the construction of several railway lines as per the largest Chinese project “The Silky Road”. which lead to the territory of EC, Russia and some of the Arabic countries, the transportation of full containers from China by rail became easier, cheaper and faster The transport costs for rail are higher in comparison to marine cargo, but significantly lower in comparison to the costs of air transport. If we should describe the railway cargo in simple words, it is taken as compromise option between marine and air cargo. This balance can be considered both from the point of view of the cost of the transport and its duration.. 

Why many of our customers choose to use railway transport from China?

1. Because they save time, i.e.  the railway transport from Chine is a compromise, which takes 14-25 days for arrival to Europe, depending on the railway line used.  

2. Because the transportation of a full container by train from China is more and more preferred way by the USA importers and exporters, because they save money, in comparison to air cargo and at the same time, they have shorter delivery periods, in comparison to marine cargo.

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