Chinese agent and intermediary in the wholesale import of goods from China

Chinese agent and intermediary in the wholesale import of goods from China

How are goods imported from China

We from agency TRENDYSTOCK are trusted Chinese and trade intermediary in the import of Chinese goods. We will help you and your business to reach the success which you have always desired. Our services include complete or partial solutions, taking in consideration your needs and interests. We are not only going to find the product requested by you at profitable price but also will deliver it to our storage facility, will inspect its quality, we will export, transport and import and deliver to your door or store. We also serve as an Alibaba Agent - we will assist you with the whole business process of purchasing, quality inspection and transporting your pre-selected goods from platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, 1688, Globalsources, Matchory, Taobao, Tmall , JD and many others. We will protect your interests and minimize your risk so that every deal you enter into comes to a successful ending.

What problems will you avoid if you choose to work with us?

Using our services, you will save significant amount of time and money - ZERO "0" risk for you and your business. By trying to do everything by yourself frequently leads to a higher import costs as well as a lot of problems, which have occurred during the process. This includes delivery of goods with poor quality, higher transport costs, transactions to fake accounts, higher final value of the import goods etc.

What are the individual stages of import process from China?

Definition of the types of goods by the customer. During this stage, the customer must provide the complete information about the products’ types and their specifications. In order to be able to find a product at favourable price, which meets the preferences and demand of our customers, we need to have a detailed information about the article we are searching for in advance.

Sourcing of custom products. In this step, we find the products, as per the requirements, set in advance by the customer, by providing the detailed information and technical properties of the specific goods type, as well as MOQ and wholesale prices for preliminary defined quantities.

Buying of product and delivery to our storage facility. In this step, we are going to purchase the goods, selected by you and will deliver them to our storage facility.  

Quality inspection.  The inspection of quality is compulsory because when any flaws or inconsistency of the goods are established, they will be returned for replacement or repairs.

Transportation to a port and customs clearance. In this stage, we transit the goods to the nearest port and prepare the complete customs documentation in order for the goods to be cleared from customs and send to preliminary specified destination.

Delivery to specified port/air-port/address. Depending on your requirements, the goods will be delivered to a specified destination by marine cargo, air cargo, express courier or railway.  

Import of goods and payment of all customs fees. At this stage, the goods should be released by a customs agent and all customs fees should be paid (duty, VAT, anti-dumping duties). Duty is charged over the invoiced value of the specified goods type and transport costs. After the charging of duty, VAT is charged over the final value of the complete order. If we have to show the complete calculation in a mathematical equation, it would look like that: The final value of your order = (invoiced value + transport costs + insurance) x duty x VAT.  

Domestic transport and delivery to the customer. After the charging of the duty on goods and after their release from customs, the goods will be forwarded to a storage facility or address, specified by the customer.

Do I need a trusted agent in China?

The import of Chinese goods is long and complex process, filled with many accidents and challenges. No matter if you are large, middle or small business, the problems that you will face are various in nature, starting from poor quality of provided goods, expensive logistics and delivery, unsecure transactions of funds to offshore accounts, delays of shipment etc. ... the list can be infinite. Let’s get back to your question of do you need a trade agent who to take care of the complete order. The answer is YES, definitely!

Do I take any risks by importing goods from China?

By being one of the best and experienced Chinese-European agents for ordering of goods from China, we will help you to find appropriate suppliers from China, offering the most competitive prices by reducing your risk to a minimum.

How do you find the goods I need?

We work with various producers and suppliers from all areas and provinces in China, including the largest market of small items in the world in town of Yiwu, where our office and storage facility is located. We also work with established B2B online platforms, like Alibaba, Global Sources, 1688, JD and many others. We also visit many thematic and specialized fairs and exhibitions in various types of industries. Each year, we participate in the largest fair in the world for export goods - Canton Fair, organized in city of Guangzhou, which, traditionally is organized two times per year - in the autumn and winter and each exhibition is divided in 3 separate stages, showing products of different industries.

How can I start?

If you want to import from China and you need reliable and professional intermediation, we are the right partners for you! We will help you avoid all the problems, which most of the companies, importing and supplying from China, face. Call us now and we will explain you everything in full details.

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