Who are we and how can we help you

Agency TRENDYSTOCK is established in year 2017 in city of Beijing. Our headquarters are located in town of Yiwu: the most famous international town with the largest market of small goods in the world. As a trusted commercial intermediary in wholesale import from China, we have a team of 10 people in Bulgaria and China, who will assist to each of our customers during the entire business process.


We are long-term and trusted partner of various Bulgarian and foreign companies, annually exporting Chinese goods to over 15 different countries, including, but not limited to USA, Spain, Greece, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Croatia etc. We are experience both in the export of Chinese goods and in the import of foreign goods to China.


The business with China can be very complicated, confusing and filled in with obstacles, especially for new importers. We, from Trendystock would like to help all these companies by our commitment to cooperate and actively communicate with each of our customers through the entire business process. We pay special attention to the owner of small and medium business as well as to those, operating in the field of e-commerce. We help our customers to find the best producers, we guarantee the quality of products and organize their shipment to be delivered to their door, making the entire supply process easier and more safe.


Most of the Chinese agents are local agencies, focused, mainly on large companies and traders. Most of them do not know our culture and expectations to the way a business transaction should go. Especially such differences can create certain challenges and misunderstandings The team of Trendystock is split in two, American team and Chinese team, which helps the easier communication between the two worlds and at the same time it combines their strengths. We provide a large variety and option for product's design customization, its packaging as well as logistical solution for each individual shipment, no matter if it is small or big.


Our team has helped tenths of businesses to import their goods from China, many of which already have grown to successful business enterprises and online traders.