Import of foreign goods in Chinа

Import of foreign goods in Chinа

How to import goods in China?

As an agent with long-term experience in international trade, we offer intermediary services in import of foreign goods in china. As one of the largest consumer in the world, Chinese market provides unique opportunity for foreign companies to import and distribute their goods and services. We can assist you by making a research about your type of goods, how and in what way you could realize it, what marketing solution and channels you should use and we can prepare your entire strategy and approach towards the largest market for consumer goods and services in the world. 

As being second economic power after USA, the Chinese market is among one of the largest consumers of foreign goods and services. . Bulgaria is famous with various traditional products, which have long history and tradition. Some of the most interesting Bulgarian goods are food products and beverages, cosmetics, wine, essential oils etc.. Many of the leading companies, working in the above fields, have taken decisive steps and take continuous actions and make efforts to gain access to the Asian market. You can also be one of these companies and can start your journey to the vast and challenging East? 

How to sell goods in China? 

The first step, you should take is the performance of a marketing research with the purpose to provide information if your specific product has competitive advantages and what they are. After the establishment if your marketing niche is appropriate, a detailed description of all costs, related to the import of the specific product in China, what customs and sanitary requirements exist for its import as well as the presence or requirement for additional certificates and analyses related to it. 

The next step is to calculate the final price of your product in China and to make a comparison with similar products, already sold in the local market, in order to evaluate the profitability of your business.  

Do not forget that when you take actions for import in China the risk for your investment and its ability to generate positive cash flow should be balance. If up to now everything looks bright for you, than the next important moment is to start the research for possible sales channels and to evaluate their efficiency. 

From the moment when you take  a decision to sell your goods in China to the moment, when they are finally imported and you start to generate profit, you are going to go through a lot of steps, and you should take many decisions, related to many hardships. If you just want to give the idea a try, we would like to recommend to stop thinking in that direction because only hard determined and well prepared companies succeed in the Chinese market. 

If you are one of these business and you have committed yourself to a 100% to the success of the operation, than anything is possible and we would be happy to assist you in the entire process. We are going to be your trusted commercial intermediary and long-term partner in the import of foreign and Bulgarian goods in China. 

If you have any questions about any of the steps that you have to make or you want to gain a better general idea of the Chinese market, we will be happy to provide that information to you. For direct contact with us, you can write an e-mail or reach us by the phone.  

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