By air with avio-cargo

By air with avio-cargo

The most economic option for avio shipments from China is the air cargo by plane. For shipments, which are above 45 volume kilograms, the transport by air is the most cost-effective option. The various airline companies have different requirements in relation to the types of goods which can be transported and the documents, required to accompany them. 

Some types of goods like batteries and liquids are classified as dangerous cargo and they should be accompanies by a set of various documents, test reports and certificates, in order to be accepted and allowed for loading. Some of the documents are MSDS, quality and composition certificates etc. In most cases, the air cargo is cheaper but slower in comparison to express couriers, like DHL, FedEx, TNT etc.
We recommend the usage of standard air cargo from China, when you wish to transport your goods as fast as possible, without the requirement to wait for its delivery for months (as is the case with the transport by water and your goods are below 40-50 kg. The duration of transportation of a shipment to Sofia Airport is 7-10 days after its loading. 

The air cargo of goods from China is a cheaper option to the express air couriers.
What types of goods are appropriate for transportation with air cargo from China?
Having in mind our experience in the export of goods from China and their transportation to various countries and destinations, products with higher value and small volume are most appropriate to be transported by air. Of course, each business and commercial field are different. Many of our customer choose to forward their goods by air in order to avoid the long waiting period. In most of the cases, these are products, which are relatively new and the market and their owners would like to catch a specific market tendency at early stage.

We, from Agency Trendystock, will always transport your goods from China to Bulgaria by air.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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