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ZERO "0" risk import from China. As one of the best Chinese agents, we will find for you the most appropriate factories and the required products at the most favourable prices so that your business becomes more profitable and successful.

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We are going to purchase, pay, inspect, export and deliver your goods directly to your own warehouse or any other destination stated by you.

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We, from Agency Trendystock will be your trusted intermediary in the import of Chinese goods and long-term partner.
We will offer services and solutions which match your business model and long-term development strategy in the best way possible.

Small business

If you want to invest limited funds in the development of a given product, we can help you find a factory that will manufacture it or customize its design or packaging in order to enable it to fully meet your requirements.


We can meet all your requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, sending your goods to Amazon - FBA warehouse center, various fulfillment centers etc.​

Product development

If you have an idea for a product (kickstart, crowdfunding), but you do not know how to realize it, we can guide you, step by step, through the entire process, starting with the formation of its conceptual idea, its design, samples manufacturing and mass production. We will create and deliver your product to any point in the world.

Medium and large business

We can offer low commission fees, professional team of specialists, set of intelligent solutions which will help you to develop your business.​

Weekly spot rates of sea transportation from China to Bulgaria 11.06.2024 -30.06.2024

Standard 20ft container (28m3)$5500

Standard 40ft container (58m3)$7000

Standard 40ft container | HIGH CUBE 40ft (68m3)$7500

LCL consolidated shipments Sea$200/m3

Air freight$8/kg

Reilway freight DDP$4/kg

The above prices are for General cargo and NON-DANGEROUS cargo and do not include insurance or additional port / airport charges.

What do we offer?





Fixed commission fees

We will find any goods requested by you

We will  find the most competitive prices

We will find products with good quality

Direct shipment to our warehouse

We personally receive any ordered product.

We store your goods

We prepare your goods for shipment

Quality and security for your products

We will inspect all your articles for quality issues.

We will check if the quantities of the delivered goods correspond to the ordered.

We will inspect if the products meet your requirements.

Different modes of transport

We will organize your consolidated shipments or full containers.

We will load your goods.

We will deliver your product to any point in the world.

Why us?

We pay attention to the quality of each individual product. Before sending your goods, each individual article and its variations will be inspected and compared to the specifications provided by the customer in advance. In such a way, we will avoid the shipment of non-complying goods.
Each of our customers will get the most competitive market prices possible so he, in his capacity of a direct importer, to have advantage to the rest of the competitors on the market.
No matter of your trade volumes and scale, we will strive to satisfy all of your requirements. As our customer, you will receive assistance in all stages of the commercial and logistical process. In case of faulty products, we will assist you in getting compensation by the producers in order to minimize the potential losses.
No matter if you desire to organize only the purchasing of your goods or its logistics, we will offer individual solutions to your business in order to achieve its maximum profitability and efficiency.
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